Information About Orthodontics Services

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Because the jawbones and teeth are still in development, early ortho treatments help diagnose any dental problems to help adult teeth grow properly.

Orthodontic treatment in the teenage years is a great time to treat teeth misalignment and other jaw issues during this rapid development phase.

3D impressions take detailed digital imaging of your mouth and teeth so we can create custom-fit appliances and monitor changes in your oral health.

If a baby tooth is lost too early, space maintainers hold open a space in the arch as a new adult tooth erupts and helps prevent misalignment.

Palatal expanders help widen the upper arch for children, provide space for the adult teeth to come in properly, and assist or proper oral function.

Caused by a misaligned bite or mismatched jaws, malocclusion can create crooked teeth and bite problems, which require braces or Invisalign® trays.

Invisalign Teen can help teenagers who experience misalignment or gaps with customized clear trays that slowly move the teeth into their proper place.

Retainers keep your smile straight and beautiful after completing your metal braces or Invisalign® Teen trays, which helps your overall oral health.

Metal braces use archwires, colorful bands, and brackets to help straighten the teeth, remove gaps, and improve bite alignment for a stunning smile.

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