Dental Malocclusion in Lancaster, PA

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What Is Dental Malocclusion?

Dental malocclusion happens because of a misaligned bite or mismatched jaws, which causes your upper and lower teeth to close incorrectly. This may create overcrowding, crooked teeth, and/or bite problems (underbite, overbite, crossbite). Dental malocclusion is broken down into three separate categories. Class I is the most prevalent and appears when the top teeth overlap the lower teeth. In class II, the upper jaw and teeth majorly overlap the bottom teeth and jaw. Class III occurs when the lower jaw sticks out, causing it to overlap the upper teeth and jaw. Though it's generally genetic, malocclusion might also occur because of trauma, thumb-sucking, or teeth grinding. If not properly treated, dental malocclusion can cause TMJ, gum disease, and sleep disorders. Our dentists at Lancaster Pediatric Dental Associates have years of experience diagnosing and treating dental malocclusions so your children can live more comfortably. We are proud to help our Lancaster, PA area patients with similar conditions.

What Are the Benefits of Treating Dental Malocclusion?

There are many benefits involved in fixing a dental malocclusion (otherwise known as an irregular bite). Relying on suitable treatment for dental malocclusion, Lancaster, PA patients can obtain the following benefits:

  • Restored oral function because of more efficient biting, chewing, and talking
  • Improved oral health that reduces the likelihood of decay and periodontal conditions
  • Proper alignment to decrease the possibility of uneven or extreme tooth wear
  • Enhanced facial look and more aesthetically pleasing teeth
  • Prevention of future oral problems, like TMJ, sleep disorders, and periodontal disease
  • May decrease discomfort, including headaches and jaw pain

Who Can Have Dental Malocclusion Treated?

Depending on the type and severity of your malocclusion, we offer several treatment options to address your child's oral health. Generally, we use orthodontics, such as traditional metal braces or Spark™ (Ormco) clear aligners to handle your child's unique condition. Those who benefit from malocclusion therapies are children or teenagers who have misaligned teeth, cracked or broken teeth, and problems chewing because of their underbite, overbite, or crossbite.

What Can Be Expected during Dental Malocclusion Therapy?

The most common treatment for dental malocclusion is usually some form of orthodontics. This could include things, like retainers, clear teeth aligners, or braces. Patients with acute overcrowding of the teeth might need to have some teeth pulled before receiving additional treatment. If the jaw is badly misaligned, then we might recommend surgery to correctly reposition it and treat any other deformities. We offer Spark™ (Ormco) Teen braces and traditional metal braces for your child's oral health needs.

What happens after a misaligned bite is Treated?

If your child requires orthodontics, they will need to wear them for a few years. Once we have fixed their teeth, we will provide a removable or permanent retainer to help keep the teeth in their proper position. Following any type of therapy, you should continue to schedule regular child dental exams and cleanings so we can monitor their bite for changes and clean for plaque.

Is There Insurance Coverage for misaligned bite?

The expense of your treatment for dental malocclusion will depend on the recommended procedure. Prior to treatment, our billing team will speak with your dental insurance provider, if you carry insurance, to inquire about your policy and the associated costs. Next, we will call you to discuss exactly what your insurance covers and what we offer in terms of payment methods and medical financing programs.

Dental Malocclusion FAQ

What type of problems can malocclusion cause?
Dental malocclusion can make it difficult for your child to chew food or speak. This dental condition can also damage your tooth enamel and cause issues with the jaw. If you think your child may have dental malocclusion, contact our office to schedule a consultation.

How long does it take to get a solution for overbite teeth?
Treatment time for an overbite can vary, depending on the severity. Generally speaking, it can take 1 – 3 years to correct. Our team will create a custom treatment plan for your child to determine how long it may take to address dental malocclusion.

Does treatment for crossbite hurt?
A crossbite can cause more pain than the treatment itself. Treatments for crossbites may cause soreness, as treatments often include Spark™ (Ormco) clear aligners or other orthodontic treatments.

Treat Dental Malocclusion

Dental issues related to malocclusion can cause emotional and physical discomfort and may lead to more serious problems if they go untreated. At Lancaster Pediatric Dental Associates, we strive to diagnose and address malocclusion to allow your child a straighter and more comfortable smile. Please contact our Lancaster, PA facility to schedule an appointment and help your child have a healthy, straight smile.

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