Why See a Pediatric Dentist

Top 10 Reasons to See a Pediatric Dentist

  • Pediatric dentists are different than general dentists. They have 2-3 years of additional hospital-based training focused exclusively on children

  • As specialists, pediatric dentists are also trained to manage children with special needs, medical conditions, and dental anxiety

  • Some children are too young to understand treatment and some children are too fearful to cooperate. We understand this and have access to additional methods to help your child through treatment. All dentists in our office are licensed to provide nitrous oxide analgesia (laughing gas) and conscious sedation. In addition, all dentists in the practice have privileges at area hospitals, so we are able to provide treatment under general anesthesia if needed. Your pediatric dentist will discuss if any of these options are appropriate for your child

  • The office is specially designed to make your child feel comfortable. In addition, it gives your child the opportunity to observe other children at the dentist. By observing other children having a positive experience, this will help to alleviate any anxiety your child may have

  • The dentists and staff choose to work with children because they enjoy being around children. They are experienced and sensitive to the specific needs of children

  • Our office is focused on the prevention of cavities. We will discuss preventive topics, including oral hygiene, diet, fluoride, and sealants to help place your child at a lower risk for cavities

  • Pediatric dentists are experienced in treating oral trauma. In addition to the comfort of knowing that your child is in the hands of an experienced specialist, you can also be put at ease knowing that as a patient of record, you have 24/7 access to emergency treatment if your child needs it

  • Some general dentists may postpone treating cavities until the patient is older and more cooperative. During this time, cavities get larger, placing the child at risk for pain and infection. In addition, the cavity also harbors infectious bacteria that can spread to other teeth, causing more cavities. At our office, we have special training in managing young children and children with anxiety regarding dental visits so that we don’t have to postpone necessary treatment

  • Pediatric dentists are trained to recognize early problems with growth, development, and occlusion. Treating these problems early can maximize esthetic results and may help reduce orthodontic treatment as an adolescent

  • Our patients speak for themselves! Check out why other parents choose to take their children to Lancaster Pediatric Dental Associates here