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What Are Simple Tooth Extractions?

Our board-certified pediatric dentists do everything possible to save teeth. However, there are some situations in which removing one or more teeth may be the best possible option for care. In such cases, our team of experts gently removes teeth from the jaw through simple tooth extraction procedures. A simple tooth extraction takes out a tooth that is erupted through the gums and visible in the mouth. Simple extractions may be recommended for baby teeth that are blocking permanent teeth or to remove severely decayed or damaged teeth, among additional treatment concerns. If your child requires a simple tooth extraction for any reason, rest assured our caring team will treat your family member with the utmost compassion and highest standard of care. At Lancaster Pediatric Dental Associates, our expertly trained team offers sedation dentistry techniques to help your son or daughter remain comfortable, calm, and stress-free during their procedure. If you believe your child may need a tooth extraction, schedule a visit with the pediatric dental team trusted among Lancaster, PA patients and their families.

What Are the Benefits of Pediatric Dental Extractions?

Your child's dentist may recommend a dental extraction for several reasons. Though pediatric dental extractions may seem daunting, they offer several advantages for your child's oral health. Some of the primary benefits of pediatric dental extractions include:

  • Alleviates pain caused by tooth decay
  • Protects adjacent teeth from infection
  • Addresses the root cause of the dental concern, which reduces the risk of future dental concerns
  • Restores your child's beautiful smile

To learn more about children's dental extractions, contact our Lancaster, PA office to speak with a member of our team.

When Is an Extraction Needed?

Our dentists take every opportunity to save damaged teeth with a filling, pediatric crown, or other treatment options. But if your child has a severely damaged tooth or a tooth that is interfering with their health, a tooth extraction may be recommended to restore their dental wellness. We commonly perform simple tooth extractions to address a number of treatment concerns, including teeth that are irreparably broken or have advanced decay, abscessed teeth, or baby teeth with long roots that may be preventing the proper eruption of permanent teeth. For some patients, we may need to extract teeth to create additional space in the arch or to facilitate treatment with orthodontics. In certain instances, a space maintainer appliance may be recommended following the removal of a tooth.

What Happens During A Dental Extraction Visit?

Our pediatric dentists understand the unique needs of children and are pleased to offer board-certified expertise in treating your child's oral health needs. While we use a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area, our trained team can administer nitrous oxide gas or oral-conscious sedation to allow your child to experience a pleasant and comfortable visit. Your child's tooth extraction will be gently performed as quickly and efficiently as possible. If your son or daughter requires a tooth extraction due to an abscess or infection, our dentists may prescribe antibiotics to help bring health back to your child's smile.

What Is the Recovery Like after a Dental Extraction?

Recovery following a simple tooth extraction may vary, depending on the complexity of the procedure. If oral-conscious sedation was administered, your child may feel a bit drowsy for the first few hours following the visit. Our team will provide aftercare instructions for your child to follow as they heal. Your son or daughter should avoid spitting or using straws and may prefer to eat a diet of soft, room-temperature foods for the first few days. Cold compresses and over-the-counter medications may be used to alleviate any swelling or post-extraction discomfort. In some cases, we may recommend placing a space maintainer to preserve the area left by a tooth extraction until the permanent tooth is ready to erupt. We will continue to monitor your child's healing and oral health during their routine visits to Lancaster Pediatric Dental Associates.

Will Insurance Cover Pediatric Dental Extractions?

Tooth extractions are often covered by dental insurance plans. However, sedation methods may not be a provided benefit. Prior to your child's tooth extraction procedure, our team will contact your insurer and estimate any uncovered portion or out-of-pocket cost. We will also help you maximize your coverage and file insurance claims as a courtesy. Lancaster Pediatric Dental Associates wants all children to get the care they need and will work with you to help your child's care fit within your budget. Talk to our friendly business team about options for low- or interest-free financing and other available payment solutions.

Pediatric Dental Extractions FAQ

How can I prepare my child for a tooth extraction?
Some of the tips we recommend doing to prepare your child for a tooth extraction include:

  • Stay positive
  • Allow your child to ask their dentist any questions they have about their treatment
  • Bring your child's comfort items from home

Whether we are pulling out a damaged or loose tooth or teeth or it simply has to be removed to create space, we understand that tooth extraction can be daunting. You can rest assured our team will ensure that your child is safe and comfortable.

How painful is a tooth extraction for kids?
A local anesthetic will be used around the affected tooth to minimize any discomfort. Your child may feel some pressure during the extraction, but overall, they should feel very little to no pain. If you think your child may need a pediatric dental extraction, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Lancaster, PA office to schedule a consultation.

What can my child eat after a tooth extraction?
Our team recommends eating soft foods as their mouth heals like applesauce, mashed potatoes, yogurt, eggs, smoothies, and steamed vegetables. We will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions before you leave our office.

What are the signs that my child might need a tooth extraction?
If your child is experiencing severe tooth pain, swelling, or has a tooth that is visibly damaged or infected, they may need a tooth extraction. Other signs include difficulty chewing or biting, persistent bad breath, or a tooth that has not fallen out naturally and is impeding the growth of a permanent tooth. It's important to consult with your pediatric dentist if you notice any of these symptoms.

How long does the extraction procedure take?
The duration of a pediatric tooth extraction can vary depending on the complexity of the case. Generally, a simple extraction of a loose or damaged baby tooth can take about 20-30 minutes, including preparation and aftercare instructions. More complex cases, such as removing a tooth that is impacted or not fully erupted, may take longer.

How can I help my child manage anxiety about the extraction?
To help your child manage anxiety about the tooth extraction, you can practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises together. Reading books or watching videos about dental visits that are geared toward children can also be helpful. Additionally, talking to your child about what to expect in a calm and reassuring manner can ease their fears. It's beneficial to schedule the appointment at a time of day when your child is well-rested and less likely to be stressed.

Experienced Pediatric Services

At times, tooth extractions are necessary to improve oral health and the future of the smile. Our team uses board-certified expertise to help you make the best possible decision for your child's dental wellness, even if that means extracting a retained baby tooth or a tooth that is severely decayed. Lancaster Pediatric Dental Associates is pleased to offer a gentle approach to extractions in a comfortable environment where kids can feel safe. For more information or to schedule a consultation, get in touch with our Lancaster, PA pediatric dental team today.

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