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What Are Fluoride Treatments?

A naturally occurring mineral, fluoride is an important component in protecting your child's teeth from the effects of tooth decay. Fluoride is recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA) and other professional organizations as a preventive treatment that can help lower the risk of dental cavities. Found in toothpastes, some foods, and many community water supplies, fluoride helps strengthen teeth against cavity formation and can even reverse the early stages of tooth decay. At Lancaster Pediatric Dental Associates, our board-certified pediatric dentists are pleased to offer fluoride treatments to help preserve the health and comfort of your child's smile. For more on the advantages of fluoride use in children, please contact our Lancaster, PA pediatric dental practice and talk with our knowledgeable team.

What Are The Benefits Of Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride is a particularly beneficial mineral for children, as it can help strengthen their developing teeth. Some of the other benefits of fluoride treatments include:

  • Helps to prevent tooth decay and cavities
  • Protects the enamel
  • Fluoride is a natural preventative
  • Puts minerals back into your teeth (remineralization)
  • Aids in rebuilding damaged teeth

Who Is An Ideal Candidate for Fluoride?

In-office fluoride treatments are commonly recommended to help protect the teeth against the formation of decay and reverse the early stages of cavity formation. Our pediatric dentists generally recommend professional fluoride treatments for patients with developing dentition, those who lack access to fluoridated drinking water, and individuals who are at a greater risk for cavities. Patients who wear braces or other orthodontic appliances are also excellent candidates for professional fluoride treatments. Modern fluoride treatments are applied as a simple varnish that is quickly brushed onto the teeth. Our Lancaster, PA practice strives to make these treatments easy for young patients and offers fluoride in a variety of fun flavors.

What Can My Child Expect During FLuoride Treatments?

In general, our dentists recommend that patients receive professional fluoride treatments twice each year, typically at the end of your child's dental cleaning and check-up appointments. Once your child selects their desired flavor, a member of our clinical team will prepare the fluoride varnish and paint the solution onto your child's teeth. Fluoride varnish treatments do not require any rinsing or special procedures following application. Instructions on when your child can drink and eat following fluoride placement will be provided by our staff.

Is there Aftercare Following fluoride treatments?

Your child may feel nauseous if any fluoride is accidentally swallowed. However, this symptom will generally resolve within 24 hours following the application. Though fluoride helps to strengthen teeth and minimize the risk of tooth decay, it is still important for your child to maintain good oral hygiene at home by brushing with fluoridated toothpaste and flossing each day. Routine dental exams and cleaning visits at Lancaster Pediatric Dental Associates are also recommended so that our team can monitor your child's oral health and need for ongoing professional fluoride applications. In some cases, our pediatric dentists may prescribe the use of fluoride tablets, especially in higher-risk individuals. These supplements need to be given to children as recommended by our dentists as fluoride can be toxic when consumed in large doses.

Does Insurance Cover Fluoride?

A number of insurance plans cover professional fluoride treatments for children and teens. Our experienced business team will help you maximize your insurance coverage before determining any personal treatment costs. Lancaster Pediatric Dental Associates strives to make care as affordable as possible for our patients and their families and accepts a range of convenient payment solutions.

Children's Fluoride Treatment FAQ

Should my child brush their teeth after their topical fluoride treatment?
Fluoride treatments are typically applied following a dental cleaning, so your child does not need to brush their teeth immediately after their appointment. To get all the benefits of a fluoride treatment, we recommend waiting four to six hours before brushing or flossing.

How often should my child receive fluoride treatments?
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that children receive fluoride treatments for their teeth as soon as all of their baby teeth erupt. Fluoride treatments can be completed every three to six months, depending on your child's risk of developing cavities.

Are there any dietary restrictions following a children's fluoride treatment?
Following your child's fluoride treatment, we recommend avoiding hot foods or drinks and mouth rinses. Soft warm or cold foods are ideal in the hours following their treatment. If you have questions about fluoride treatment aftercare, please do not hesitate to ask our team!

Is fluoride toothpaste safe for children?
It is recommended that infants under two do not use fluoride toothpaste since they are more prone to swallowing the toothpaste; however, children two and over can use the recommended amount of fluoride toothpaste (about the size of a rice grain for ages 2 – 3, a pea-sized amount for 3 – 6).

What happens if my child gets too much fluoride?
Children who are exposed to excessive amounts of fluoride, perhaps due to their drinking water or something else, can develop fluorosis. While fluorosis won't harm their teeth, it can create stains on the teeth. If your child develops this, our team can help troubleshoot on how to reduce your child's fluoride intake.

How do I know if there is fluoride in my drinking water?
There are a few ways to determine if there is fluoride in your drinking water. You can contact your local water company, call the public health department, check the CDC website, or ask your dentist.

Get Ahead of Tooth Decay

Help your children enjoy the benefits of a strong, healthy smile with professional fluoride treatments at Lancaster Pediatric Dental Associates. Typically applied during routine dental cleaning and exam visits, fluoride treatments can lower the risk of cavity formation in children and teenagers. To schedule your child's visit with our experienced, kid-friendly team and learn more about the advantages of cavity prevention, contact our Lancaster, PA pediatric dental practice today.

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