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What Is Pediatric Dentistry?

Establishing a healthy smile is important at every age, even early in life. However, children have different needs than adults and require a specialized approach to dental care. Pediatric dentistry focuses on improving, supporting, and maintaining the oral health of younger patients, including infants, children, and teenagers. At Lancaster Pediatric Dental Associates, our team of board-certified specialists works closely with each patient and their family to help grow happy, healthy smiles. While we focus on cavity prevention, our highly trained team offers comprehensive pediatric dentistry to improve oral health, from routine services and restorative procedures to sedation dentistry and emergency dental care. By introducing your child to the benefits of oral health at an early age, you can help minimize their treatment needs over time and create a positive association with visiting the dentist. Schedule an appointment with our established Lancaster, PA pediatric dental practice today and find a dental home for your children.

What Are the Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry at Lancaster Pediatric Dental Associates offers many advantages that cater to the concerns of children and teens, maintaining their oral health and establishing habits for years of beautiful smiles. Dentistry for children boasts several advantages, such as:

  • Detection and prevention of oral issues
  • Establishing ideal dental health routines from childhood
  • Positive, comfortable dental visits for children
  • Ability to record the growth and progression of the patient's jaw and teeth
  • Better likelihood of practicing excellent oral health throughout a person's life
  • Instructional resources and suggestions for parents pertaining to healthy dental habits for their kids
  • Early opportunity to deal with concerns, including tooth decay and misalignment, avoiding more elaborate conditions later in life
  • Supporting overall health and wellness of kids by safeguarding dental wellness

Who Is A Candidate for Pediatric Care?

Infants, children, and teens should all receive routine care from a qualified dental professional. We recommend that children visit a pediatric dentist for their initial visit before the first tooth erupts, which is generally around the age of 8 – 10 months. After this first appointment, our team will help you determine how frequently your child should visit our practice for regular dental visits. However, we typically suggest that all patients receive dental cleanings and checkups at least twice each year. Our skilled team offers full-service dental care to serve the varying needs of our patients, including 24/7 emergency dental services. Whether your child has cavities, needs tooth extractions or oral appliances, or has other types of treatment requirements, LPDA is here to help your family achieve healthy smiles. As pediatric dentistry specialists, we are also trained to treat children and teens with special needs, medical complexities, and dental anxiety. Since smiles come in all shapes and sizes, we approach each individual in a unique way and customize dental care according to personal needs.

What Can You Expect During Visits?

Each time your family visits Lancaster Pediatric Dental Associates, our caring team will seek to ensure a comfortable and relaxing environment. We want to create positive associations with the dentist for your family and aim to make dental appointments fun and stress-free. During dental procedures, our team will explain to your child exactly what is taking place, which helps to ensure they feel like a part of the treatment process. Our skilled dentists will examine for any dental concerns, evaluate for proper tooth eruption and jaw development, and demonstrate the best way to care for your child's teeth and gums at home. We may take dental x-rays to screen for hidden oral problems and provide fluoride treatments, dental sealants, and other procedures designed to prevent tooth decay (cavities). If any concerns with your child's oral health are detected, our pediatric dentists will review the treatment options that may best meet your child's needs. Rest assured, our team places your child's comfort and safety as the highest priority and strives to complete procedures in the most conservative, comfortable, and effective way possible.

Is There Any Treatment Aftercare?

Our overarching goal is to help reduce your child's risk for tooth decay and help your family enjoy healthy, comfortable smiles. To help you give your child a healthy start in life, our team may discuss preventive oral health needs, including diet and nutrition, oral hygiene recommendations, pacifier use and other early childhood issues, and any future concerns, such as orthodontic needs. We will also recommend a personalized preventive care plan with routine cleanings and exams at least twice each year, and help you schedule any other recommended procedures accordingly. Our large practice is highly accommodating to families and can schedule preventive visits for multiple family members at the same time. No matter what your child's dental health needs entail, our well-trained and compassionate team looks forward to helping create a smile that serves your child's health now and throughout their life.

Does Insurance Cover Care?

Lancaster Pediatric Dental Associates is a proud provider for several PPO dental plans and will gladly file your insurance claim as a courtesy to your family. Before beginning a procedure, we will review your insurance plan and provide an estimate of any anticipated out-of-pocket costs. To make pediatric dental care as affordable as possible, we offer several payment solutions, including flexible financing solutions with CareCredit® services.

Pediatric Dentistry FAQ

How is a pediatric dentist different from other dentists?
A pediatric dentist specifically focuses on dentistry for children and their unique needs. Our pediatric dentists have a passion for working with children and want to create a positive atmosphere during each visit so that your child feels comfortable and safe when visiting our office.

What happens during my child’s first visit to the dentist?
In most cases, a child's first visit to the dentist will be quick and easy. We will begin with getting to know your child and providing you with basic information on proper dental care for children. Our team will check the placement of your child's teeth for any potential issues and clean their teeth if necessary. If you are seeking a pediatric dentist for your child in Lancaster, PA, call our office to schedule an appointment!

How can I prepare my child for their first dental appointment?
Children often recognize the feelings of adults, including the negative ones. Keeping a positive attitude about your child's first visit to the dentist is one of the best and easiest ways to help your child have a great first experience. We recommend showing your child pictures of the dentist they'll be seeing and of our office so they can start to familiarize themselves with their surroundings. Our team of pediatric dentists is specially trained to work with children and handle any of their dental fears and anxieties to help make this a positive experience.

Are baby teeth really that important?
Absolutely, baby teeth are very important as they aid in proper chewing and eating, provide space for the permanent teeth and guide them into the correct position, and support the development of clear speech in children.

Is thumbsucking bad for my child?
Thumbsucking is a natural reflex for children, but if it persists beyond the ages of 3 – 4, it may lead to dental problems such as misaligned teeth or an improper bite, necessitating a discussion with your pediatric dentist.

When should my child stop seeing a pediatric dentist?
While there is no set age, your child should typically transition from a pediatric dentist to a general dentist during their late teens, around the ages of 18 – 21. This transition period is ideal because, by this time, most of their permanent teeth have erupted, and their dental needs may start to align more closely with adult dentistry. Additionally, this age range often coincides with significant life changes, such as going off to college or entering the workforce, making it a natural time to make the switch.

Healthy Smiles for Life

Help your child enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile early in life and minimize future treatment needs. Our Lancaster, PA pediatric practice has been serving the smiles of children since 1985 with outstanding personalized dental care. Each of our board-certified pediatric dentists understands the unique needs of young patients and is passionate about helping children of all ages enjoy strong, healthy teeth. To reserve an appointment at Lancaster Pediatric Dental Associates, contact our friendly team today.

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