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About Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are specialized devices that prevent children's teeth from moving into open gaps as new adult teeth grow in. Personalized to meet each patient's needs, these high-quality appliances work well for children who have a mix of baby teeth and adult teeth. To stop the nearby teeth from slowly moving into the open spot, space maintainers hold the permanent teeth in their proper position. Made from metal or plastic material, our experienced dentists have extensive knowledge of space maintainers and helping your child's teeth grow in their natural place. We may suggest this treatment if your child has prematurely lost a tooth before an adult tooth is ready to grow in. Please schedule an appointment at Lancaster Pediatric Dental Associates, so one of our dentists in Lancaster, PA can get your child's oral health started out right.

Is my child a good candidate for space maintainers?

Teeth depend on one another to remain in place and keep their proper positions. When children lose teeth and have an open space, the nearby teeth sometimes move into this gap. This can cause various functional and oral concerns as the adult teeth begin to emerge, such as misalignment. Space maintainers hold the space open until the permanent tooth is ready to grow in. Children often require a space maintainer if a baby tooth falls out before an adult tooth is ready to erupt or if they need a decayed baby tooth removed. Our pediatric dentists can assist early on in your child’s oral health care needs with the help of space maintainers.

What Should I expect with Space Maintainers?

To select the best kind of space maintainer for your child, our pediatric dentists will use 3D imaging to get a detailed perspective of their mouth. These 3D images also allow us to create impressions for the space maintainer, which we send to our dental labs to create the appliance. After the device is ready, our team will call you to schedule your son or daughter’s follow-up appointment, so we can comfortably fit the space maintainer. Depending on your child’s needs, the spacer may be permanent or removable. However, for the best results, we generally cement the device to the nearby teeth for stability. If your child has missing teeth on one or both sides of their mouth, on the same arch, or just one missing tooth, our dentists will select either a lingual, unilateral, or palatal spacer.


After placing your space maintainer, we can provide a general time frame on how long your child may need to wear it. Although they serve an important purpose, it can be more difficult to have your children carefully clean and floss around the spacer. Our dentists recommend working with your child during teeth brushing and flossing time to keep their teeth and gums safe, healthy, and happy. In some cases, patients may need certain dental products to enhance at-home cleaning efforts. During the follow-up appointments, we can review their dental development to ensure everything is coming in appropriately. In addition to follow-up appointments, families should continue to schedule dental exams and cleanings for optimal oral health.

Insurance Coverage

Space maintainers are typically covered by many insurers. Our skilled team will contact your insurance company and inform you whether you have any out-of-pocket charges that your insurance does not cover.

Advanced Solutions for Your Child's Dental Needs

Space maintainers are innovative orthodontic options our pediatric dentists at Lancaster Pediatric Dental Associates offer to help children start on the right foot. If your child has lost a tooth before the adult one erupts, a space maintainer can prevent nearby teeth from shifting into the gap. This reduces the chance of a new tooth becoming misaligned as it emerges from the gum. Please schedule an appointment for your son or daughter with our Lancaster, PA dentists to learn more.

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